NMT Interferometer/Sferic System Logs

Electronic log files for the New Mexico Tech Interferometer/Sferic system are available below for the years 1999 and 2000. In 1999, the system was configured to acquire only sferics. A single log file is provided with a daily summary of data recording intervals and storm activity.

Interferometer, sferic, and video data were acquired in 2000. Separate logs are provided for the interferometer mode, sferic mode, video recordings, and notes for each month in which the system was operating during the STEPS 2000 campaign (and beyond). Individual events of interest, predominant flash polarity, overall flash rates, radio communication comments, severe weather warnings, and other items of interest are recorded in the notes logs. The system arm times and settings are meticulously documented in the interferometer and sferic logs. The video recording intervals, camera type and orientation, and lens settings are listed in the video logs.

Log files
Operations Log
Notes / Interferometer / Sferics
Notes / Interferometer / Sferics / Video
Notes / Interferometer / Sferics / Video
Notes / Interferometer / Sferics / Video

The 2000 log files were converted to HTML from a spreadsheet format used by Corel Quattro Pro 9. The Quattro Pro files contain the same information as the HTML documents listed above, but are more aesthetically pleasing and have the notes, interferometer, sferics, and video logs grouped into the same file for each month. If you have access to Quattro Pro, you can download and view the original 2000 log files (if you are using Netscape, right-click on the file and then select "Save Link As..."):

May (41 kB) / June (444 kB) / July (970 kB) / August (568 kB)

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